Thai massage influences the whole person on a deep anatomical and physiological level. In general, Thai massage activates the following body systems:

Our skeletal and muscular systems for locomotion.

Our digestive, respiratory, lymphatic and urinary systems for waste disposal and energy.

Our nervous, secretory, endocrine and reproductive systems for coordination, control and new life.

Thai massage also pacifies the body and mind. Those who practice yoga will find Thai massage an extension of their daily work.

Traditional thai massage

60 min/75 min/90 min/120 min session

This bodywork therapy, based on yoga and ayurveda, is a unique healing system. You will be guided into a series of yoga postures while hand touch palming and thumbing along the energy lines and the pressure points. These actions result in a treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boost immune system and balance your energy.

Thai aromatherapy massage

60 min/75 min/90 min session

A soft -touch massage that works lightly the surface muscles, promoting a healthfull flow of blood and energy. The stimulation of the endorphin hormone creates happiness and wellness, while the aromatherapy refreshes the whole body.

Foot reflexology or foot massage

60 min session

Dating as far back 2300 bc, in Egypt/China/India this ancient method has assisted in the development and restauration of the human body. By applying pressure to distinct locations on the hands & feet, it can stimulate corresponding organs and promote the bodyproduction of endorphins , a wellbeing sensation and can accelerate the healing process.

Chi Nei Tsang

50min session

Chi nei tsang is a taoist abdominal detox massage of the internal organs using fingers and elbow deep pressure technic point around the navel (or center of energy) to bring physical and emotional release but also spiritual well being . 50 minutes session and do not eat anything 2 hours before treatment.