Thai yoga massage teaches both practitioner and recipient to be intuitive with the body then to identify and remove blockage in it.

Gilles wishes to share with you through Thai yoga massage : health, happiness, connection with surroundings, inner well being, good energy, relief, happiness, love and compassion.

The Thai Massage

What is it?

When we experience Thai massage we have the ingredients: A body, breath, loving kindness and movement.

The form of this massage arranges the movements, and this the physical support may differ from what we normally experience in a massage.

In Asia awareness about the body is different from the West. There is always someone there with a supportive smile and touch.

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Thai massage positions may look odd to the western eye, but they have a logic to them.

If you remember playing as a child, or seeing babies move, their positions remind us of Thai massage.

As you practice Thai massage, it is like being in the playground once again.

Traditional Massage challenges the therapist. he uses his hands, feet, knees, elbows, body weight for rocking and pressure.

He works on soft tissue, rotates limbs , and moves into an altered state of meditation while working.

The client feels as though is taking a trip to a faraway island, visiting a massage therapist, putting his body, mind and spirit in harmony.

This massage is completed in four different positions:
Front, back, side and sitting.

Sessions generally last from one to three hours.

It is important to understand the spiritual quality of the massage. The spirit of Thai massage embraces the universal attributes of compassion, patience and awareness…

Thai Massage is a dance. The therapist learns the movements; then he creates
a choreography for the client.

This massage is done slowly. The meditative flow is kept through breathing deeply, rocking rhythmically and repeating patterns.

The metaphor is light enveloping the body and coursing through the sen (energy) lines.

The meditation Om Namo is always present in the therapist healing hands and heart. The dance is created with the energy that flows through the sen lines and chakras.