The History of Thai Massage


Thai Traditional Massage is over 2500 years old.

The founder, Shivaga Komar Bhucca (shivagakomarpaj} was a ayuredic physician to the Theravedic Buddhist order of monks and nuns in India. He developed Thai massage, as well
as related herbal practices.

When traveling from India to Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Siam (Thailand) and Burma, the monks and nuns brought with them the knowledge and tradition now known as Thai Traditional Massage.

In those times, the purpose of this massage was to facilitate deeper meditation practices.

Over time, the temples grew in importance as
spiritual and medical centers.

The oral tradition of Thai massage was later written on palm leaves.


When the ancient capital of Thailand was destroyed by an invading Burmese army in 1767, records of this massage were mostly reduced to ashes. In 1832, King Rama III ordered the remnants of this healing
tradition to be inscribed in stone.

Today, you can see those tablets depicting the energy (sen) lines at the Wat Po Temple in Bangkok.