All Thai'd Up Article


Imagine doing yoga, but not having to do it yourself. that’s what a thai massage is like for the most part. those favored moments during vinyasas when your yoga guru comes over to lean on your back, or stretch your neck with lemon oil – are combined with other thai massage techniques at easthampton’s seaflower spa. and it gets better.

You are with gilles, a spiritual and appropriate frenchman, in an indoor tent with a quilted floor. there is soulful buddha music in the background, and he is using both his elbows and his knees to stretch your glutes. and he is meditating. you, needless to say, are in thai massage bliss.

The hour and a half treatment runs about $145, and rest assured, you will never have a massage like this again.

Unless you go back, of course.

seaflower spa
10 main street
in easthampton